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It often seems impossible for single parents to find the time between parent-teacher meetings and bed-time routines, but making time for a new partner is even harder to organize.

If you’ve managed to include a new relationship into your busy life, you might be wondering; when is the right time to introduce this person to your child? Introducing your child to a new partner is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

You may date several different people before you find the one with whom you want to build a relationship.

But even if you're concerned about your children’s feelings of jealousy, don't let it deter you from seeking companionship.

“I think it's important to be careful when you introduce your child to your potential partner. I think you need to know that the relationship is going to be long-term before you make introductions.

It's confusing for kids when they are introduced to someone special in their parent's life.

For example, dating usually takes a back seat to the needs of the children, and that can be problematic for single parents as well as for their dates.

Single parents may come to that role via different scenarios -- personal choice, divorce, separation or death of a partner -- but they all face similar challenges.



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