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The majority of MMG men are middle-aged, with some guys in their 20’s and some retired. MMG is a spin-off of Mainely Men, a semi-annual men’s gathering on Lake Cobbosseecontee in Maine that could no longer accommodate all the out-of-staters who wished to attend.With Mainely Men seed money and format, we continue to grow and evolve in our own way.In November, 2012, the organization was incorporated as the non-profit, Massachusetts Men’s Gathering, Inc., and in 2013 became a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt entity.


We are retired, unemployed, and thrilled to get away for 48 hours from the pressures of our stressful lives. MMG is inclusive of all men, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, or religion.Massachusetts Men’s Gathering (MMG) is a participant-organized and participant-led weekend that happens twice a year at a year-round camp/retreat center.Like similar format retreats throughout New England and in several other states, MMG does not hire “experts” to run workshops or provide the entertainment, but trusts in the abilities of whoever shows up!The MMG Organizing Committee (OC) plans and sustains the framework for the spring and fall weekends, but not the content.

Each participant brings his piece, his truth into the framework to make the content rich.The police and state government for Lagos were not immediately available to comment on the case.


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