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She's not going to win any size contests but she has impeccable breasts with erotic tan lines.I tear my eyes away to check out Angela's tits before she tucks them into Sam's bikini top. Three giggling coeds are flouncing around my bedroom, swapping swimsuit tops, showing off their enticing bodies and unknowingly putting on an erotic show as my hard cock strains against my shorts.I'm keeping my eyes focused on her two friends, Jenna and Angela. She is laughing at her friends' much smaller breasts as she prances around the room strutting her stuff.We love having family around and I certainly didn't mind that Samantha and her friends wanted to spend the week after their high school graduation parading around our house in skimpy bikinis.Although all three of them are eighteen, we checked in with their parents and assured them we would be responsible chaperones. A couple of days after they arrived, my wife received a call from her brother-in-law saying her sister was very sick and had been admitted to the hospital.Sam was the first one to strip off her panties and it seemed so perverted to wish that my own granddaughter would turn towards me so I could see her pussy.She has a beautiful apple-cheeked ass, lightly frosted with her ever-present freckles that are more prevalent between the tan lines.

I grabbed my computer and came back into the kitchen to find them laughing and blushing as they finished washing the breakfast plates and glasses.

I've always loved looking at photos and videos of naked coeds but these are right in the next room.


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