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Cybercrime is no different: it boasts a buoyant international market for skills, tools and finished product. The rise of cybercrime is inextricably linked to the ubiquity of credit card transactions and online bank accounts.

Get hold of this financial data and not only can you steal silently, but also – through a process of virus-driven automation – with ruthlessly efficient and hypothetically infinite frequency.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF MAHARASTRA GOVERNMENT HACKED MUMBAI, 20 September 2007 — IT experts were trying yesterday to restore the official website of the government of Maharashtra, which was hacked in the early hours of Tuesday. “We have taken a serious view of this hacking, and if need be the government would even go further and seek the help of private IT experts.

Rakesh Maria, joint commissioner of police, said that the state’s IT officials lodged a formal complaint with the Cyber Crime Branch police on Tuesday. Discussions are in progress between the officials of the IT Department and experts,” Patil added.

The official added that the website had no firewall.

Customers credit card details were misused through online means for booking air-tickets.

Using the information obtained from Kale Lukkad booked tickets.

What was most troubling to investigators was the lack of motive for the killing. He added that the state government would seek the help of IT and the Cyber Crime Branch to investigate the hacking.MYSPACE CATCHES A MURDERER My Space has played an important role in helping Oakland police apprehend a 19-year old man accused of shooting a San Leandro High School football player Greg "Doody" Ballard, Jr.


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